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Sign Displays Swerve With Curves

As a frequent convention exhibitor, you understand how important it is to maintain trade show exhibits that are updated, or at least appear to look new. New technology and features maintain interest for repeat visitors and allow you to continuously customize your trade show stands to better achieve your conference goals. Banner stands can be an exciting way to achieve an updated appearance without spending a lot to upgrade your full booth. From basic banner units to more exciting high-tech models, virtually any unit can make a good new feature for your next convention.

Simple, Classic Banner Stands

The easiest and least expensive option for a dramatic update is often the simple addition of a traditional sign. These signs are plainer in comparison to some of the newer options, but they are a lot less expensive and can still add a lot of visual interest to your current display. These signs are the most traditional banner stands, involving a simple setup with  sign holders a square of cloth or vinyl fabric suspended on a system of supports. The structures can be made from a number of different materials and have many different configurations, but the overall appearance is much the same. These signs can be adapted to fit a lot of different design styles and come in many sizes to fit your display and budget.

As an interesting twist on this classic style, some companies are now offering curved options to these simple units. The curved styles from the best companies are able to offer the same easy portability that has long been a hallmark of this unit with the addition of a dynamic curve which many companies find to be quite unique.

Double-Sided Units Add Interesting Punch

Depending on the style of your trade show exhibits, you might want to consider using a double-sided sign as an addition. Trade show stands that have a somewhat open interior tend to benefit most from double-sided styles, as both sides can easily be enjoyed by visitors. This design is also an advantage if you plan to place the unit high in the trade show exhibits, above the heads of the crowd. With that placement, virtually full visibility is assured. Double-sided banners are only slightly more expensive than their single-sided counterparts, and can offer many of the same advantages in portability and versatility. Their size can also be changed easily, allowing them to fit a wealth of different trade show stands.

Merchandising Solutions

One of the most interesting and recent innovations to this old style of design has been the addition of merchandising platforms. These platforms are small in comparison to the surface one would find in conventional trade show stands, but they do offer enough space to hold literature or perhaps a small demonstration item. This addition has allowed banner stands to move from a pure visual accent piece into a good alternative holder for an important highlight or relevant literature. In addition, some companies are now using this type of sign as a complete display solution, avoiding traditional trade show exhibits entirely.

Whether your company is seeking to upgrade an outdated booth or create a full replacement using only banner stands, these versatile, inexpensive, portable units can be very helpful. They won’t always be able to take the place of trade show stands, but they’re a great asset in any company’s convention arsenal.

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