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Banner Holders – What You Must Know Before Buying Them

Having a shop or an exhibition stand without point of sale displays is like going fishing without a pole. These products are essential for presenting your potential customers with the information that they need to place an order. Point of sale displays basically do two jobs – they educate and entice. They should provide all of the information about your company, products and services to customers, in essence preparing them before you have even spoken to them. Effective point of sale displays should also entice them to buy.

Point of sale displays should catch people’s eye and direct them into your premises for more details. A boards, swing signs and pavement signs are all great ways to advertise to let passers-by know about your company, and can advertise general benefits such as low prices, or great customer service or can promote specific sales or events.

If you have a large store, sign holders, information points and other in store displays can serve to provide customers with more detailed information or special offers  sign holder stand about the area in which they are browsing, as well as direct them to other departments within your store.

A frustrated customer is a lost customer, and realistically you can not allocate a member of staff to each individual visitor to your store, so providing clear and visible information to address any potential questions is vital way to keep your customers satisfied. Common queries may include pricing, availability, inclusion in promotions, or more details about a product range. Anticipate the most likely queries that your customer might have and provide it for them up front in handy point of sale displays.

If your company has literature such as flyers, brochures, catalogues or sales sheets, then point of sales displays can keep these materials neatly organized in your location. And if organization is something that seems to be lacking in your premises, then think about how point of sale displays could soothe the chaos. Unruly queues can easily be straightened out with barrier systems, while pole display systems can head off simple directional enquiries by providing signposts to each area of your business.

Use desktop poster displays to keep useful information quick to hand for your customers and staff and make sure your literature stands are well stocked and easy to locate. Poster holders or information points can be placed around your store to provide clear instructions or basic company policies to your customers to reduce misunderstandings, or to assure them of your commitment and dedication to excellent customer service and high levels of quality.

Posters, promotional stands and display columns are great point of sale displays for specific promotions. Give out free samples, conduct public demonstrations, or highlight seasonal sales.

Your point of sale displays should be an integral part of the way your business looks and communicates with your customers, so take some time to explore all of your options, and choose the right point of sale displays for your needs.

George Burr

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